About Jason Hakes

The Honky Tonk Man. No, I’m not him. I’m Jason, and I’m just a huge fan of pro wrestling and movies with a Bachelor degree in English. Through my formal education, I studied English (obviously), communication, creative writing, screenplay structure, storytelling from around the world, and a lot of other writer-y stuff. I love writer-y stuff. So, I’m a student of storytelling of all kinds. But it was something Honky Tonk Man said that made me start connecting the dots between movies and pro wrestling.

Although Honky Tonk Man says a lot of things in interviews that shouldn’t be listened to seriously, what he said in one particular interview years ago hit me like a guitar over the head. He described the final scene in “The Terminator,” where the T-800 cyborg had been burned and exploded, and was slowly dragging its damaged body along the floor by one good hand, struggling to reach its victim.

Honky said, “Even the Terminator was selling.”

Suddenly, I felt like a dam had burst in my mind, and a torrent of wrestling terms flooded every aspect of every movie I had seen. The one-time longest-reigning WWE Intercontinental champion changed the way I saw movies forever.

With every book, podcast, and interview with veterans of both industries, I saw more similarities in their respective storytelling methods. Over time, I realized that movies with mass appeal, high rewatchability and high recommendability have more pro wrestling in them than movies with cult status or that the public eventually forgets about entirely. The 3 Count is the key to a film being a great, popular movie instead of a forgettable flop.

Whether you’re a wrestling mark who loves movies like me, or you have no idea how the hell you got to this site, click around, follow 3CMR on social media and enjoy!

P.S. I couldn’t find the life-changing Honky Tonk Man video I mentioned, but someone used part of it to make, um, this…